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First attempt – and the Armstrong Siddeley «Genet Major» is running. A happy Col Henry – good job...
July 23, 2006, BBQ from CAF Swiss Wing at Reichenbach Airport

Oct. 06/wMe

History of the aircraft

Year of construction 1930, Werknummer 34
First flight 18. September 1930 als CH-262
Manufacturer Alfred Comte, Oberrieden, Switzerland
Chief designer

Henri Fierz

Motor (since 1934) Armstrong Siddeley "Genet Major", 7-cylinder radial engine, 140 hp
Empty weight 670 kg
Max. take-off weight 900 kg
Wingspan / Length 12,13 m / 8,10 m
Passengers 2
Cruising speed 130 km/h
Maximum speed 170 km/h

Special details

The AC-4 HB-IKO has remained in a flying condition throughout the complete period from
1930 to today, and has never been stored in a hangar! It is possibly the oldest aircraft in
Europe that is still able to fly in its original condition.

During the last year, a sister aircraft has been re-built in Raron (VS) which is a few months
older. In the spring of 1997, this aircraft, HB-ETI, was again capable of flying. From the total
of 11 AC-4 that were built, 4 still exist: one aircraft is in the Transport Museum (Verkehrshaus)
in Lucerne, one is in Dübendorf, and the third is owned by the Chavez-Flyers in Raron (VS),
and has been flying again since the summer of 1997.

HB-IKO is maintained, serviced and flown by members of the Fokker Team of Swissair.
This old-timer will be displayed to the public in the air and on the ground at air-shows in
Switzerland and in neighbouring countries.

Fokker Team AC-4 Group 2001

Pilots: Henry Saladin (Chef Pilot), Werner Meier, Beat Ruf
Technicians: Werner Hensch, Norbert Kessler, Franz Scheiber, Werner Zürrer

Bern-Belp, September, 1999 , Picture: Col Hugo Freudiger

AC-4 Crew , Duebendorf, June 2000

Duebendorf, June 2000

The AC-4 during the airshow at Mollis / Switzerland, August 24, 2002

The AC-4 in front of the B-25 Mitchell, on the parking lot in good company and shortly
before take-off. Pilot: CAF Col Henry Saladin, Photo: CAF Col Werner Meier

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