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Dallas Selected for CAF National Airbase Location

The Commemorative Air Force (CAF) has announced its selection of Dallas Executive Airport as the location for their
CAF National Airbase and corporate Headquarters.
“After an intensive one-year nationwide search, which began with 23 cities and narrowed to six then three finalists, we
are proud to announce that the CAF Board of Directors has selected Dallas Executive Airport as the location to build our
National Airbase” said Stephan C. Brown, President and CEO


Our George is honored...

Our godfather George participated in the founding meeting of the Swiss Supporter Squadron on 26 November 1995.

At the general meeting 2007, George (on the left) brought the American banner of honor "Distinguished Unit Award" and our "Contact"
was awarded the first prize (right) for the best "Newsletter" of the CAF in 2006 (Unit Newsletter Competition)

January 2014 / wMe

January 2014 / wMe







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