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MIDLAND, TEXAS (Aug. 5, 2010). –The Commemorative Air Force (CAF) is proud to announce the return to flight for FIFI,
“the Queen of the Fleet.” The world’s only flyable Boeing B-29 Superfortress returned to the skies early Thursday morning
for its first flight since 2004.
“It is an emotional day at the CAF for our volunteer-members and staff,” said CAF President Stephan Brown. “There were
more than a few tears of joy shed by those who have worked over these past few years to see FIFI fly again. Today is
a new beginning for this historic warbird. Thanks to the dedication of our members and the support of Jim Cavanaugh,
the B-29 can once again return to telling the stories of the men and women who sacrificed their lives for our freedom.”

Juhuiiii... und bald fliegt sie wieder

Airworthiness Certificate allowing the Commemorative Air Force (CAF) B-29 Superfortress crew to begin Phase I flight-testing.
Phase I flight-testing will begin in the afternoon on Fri., July 9 and continue through Sat. During these test flights, the B-29
crewmembers will be required to depart Midland International Airport for unpopulated areas. Upon returning from the flights,
the crew will need to dismantle areas of the aircraft in order to review the aircraft’s performance and safety.

On Mon., July 12, the B-29 will be in flight for crew training. This is the perfect opportunity for community members to join
the CAF in celebrating FIFI’s return to flight. During these training exercises the B-29 crew will be performing «touch-and-gos»
at Midland International Airport.

The oldest and the newest aircraft in flight near their Seattle environment.

The Pemberton Family wants to thank the visionaries at the Boeing company for making this piece of history a reality last Sat.  
We are in the process of licensing these images to Boeing for there use. They will be posted soon via the company web side.
These pictures were taken by Ryan Pemberton May 8  2010 at 2:30 PM West of Mt Rainer South East of Seattle at 12,000 ft.
The out side air temp was -13 degrees.

Photo Subject: 1928 Boeing 40C 5339 Serial number 1043 is the oldest flying Boeing aircraft of any kind and considered  the
1st successful airliner in the US. 5339 was delivered to Pacific Air Transport a division of Boeing Lines to fly CAM 8 in July of 1928.
The airplane crashed Oct 2 1928 in southern Oregon when North bound from Medford to Portland. The airplane was recovered
in the 1990's by the Oregon Aviation Historical Society and purchased by Addison Pemberton in 2000. The aircraft was restored
over an 8 year period and 1st flown after restoration Feb 2008.

Boeing 40C pilot Addison Pemberton/owner. John Bevan B40 passenger Photo Plane A36 Bonanza flown by Randy Ingraham of
Spokane with his wife Julie. Taryn Pemberton provided camera support in the photo plane. Safety/ weather scout plane C-185 flown
by Jay Pemberton Photographer Ryan Pemberton of Spokane using a Cannon D40 / stabilized 200mm lenses with 12 megapixel resolution.

Photo Subject: Boeing 787 Serial number 001 Dreamliner flown by Michael Carriker  Boeing flight test pilot and his crew. These image's
capture the Boeing Legacy contrasting the oldest and the newest aircraft in flight near their Seattle environment.

B-29 FIFI, Ein Video über die neuen Motoren >>Video

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Airbus A-380 über den Schweizer Alpen, begleitet von einer FA-18 der Schweizer Luftwaffe

Zum verkaufen…
«Pride Aircraft» verkündet, dass die ersten zwei privaten Sukhoi Su.27 Flankers zum Verkauf angeboten werden. Die Flugzeuge
sind voll ausgerüstet (natürlich ohne Waffen) und können von beiden Cockpits geflogen werden. Es gibt keinen anderen privaten
« Jet-Warbird» mit solchen Leistungen. Sie sind bereit in den USA und warten auf einen Käufer.

Der Vorstand des «CAF Swiss Wing» wird an der nächsten Sitzung die Finanzen überprüfen. (Aussage des Webmaster)!!

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