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Der grösste Militäranlass in der Schweiz
am Boden und in der Luft


Convoy to Remember in Birmenstorf, 9-11. August 2013


Über 600 Militärfahrzeuge, über 20 Reenactor Gruppen, 23 Panzer wie der Leopard 1A-4, T-72 usw.  (fast der historisch  komplette Panzer-bestand der Schweizer Armee). Militär-Bikertreffen, Patrouille Suisse, Schweizer Fallschirmtruppen, Super Puma, Spitfire, Morane,
P-51, TBM-3, Aufklärungsflugzeuge wie die Stinson, PA-18 usw.

Ein Anlass den Sie sehen müssen – absolut einmalig
...dies alles und vieles mehr können sie am Convoy sehen und erleben

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10. Juni 2013 / wMe



Sie fliegt wieder...

The Commemorative Air Force B-29 "Fifi," seen here getting a routine preflight at Sun 'n Fun 2012, was grounded for
about three months by a failed radial engine.

The last flying B-29 Superfortress is back in the air, thanks to a six-figure response to an urgent plea for donations from
the Commemorative Air Force in November, after Fifi blew an engine in October.

The CAF announced Jan. 24 that Fifi is back in the air, after donors chipped in $105,000 for repairs. CAF still hopes to raise another $95,000
to purchase a backup engine for the vintage bomber.

The B-29 keeps a busy schedule, touring the country as a living museum, giving rides that bring history to life for veterans and a younger
generation alike. The B-29’s captain, interviewed at Sun ‘n Fun 2012, is part of that younger generation; AOPA Livealso took a ride with one
of the only female pilots to fly the B-29 during the war.

The CAF maintains a massive fleet of warbirds based in various chapters around the country, and Fifi is among the stars of the fleet.
Mechanics were able to finish the repairs and Fifi flew home to Addison, Texas on Jan. 13.

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